Making Tracks

Making Tracks 2021


Making Tracks 2021 will take place between mid October and mid November this Autumn. It will comprise a two-week residency on the west coast of Scotland followed by a two-week UK tour, during which each selected Fellow will take part in 10 public concerts and contribute to three youth music workshops. It is essential that all potential applicants read more about what we do before applying.

The deadline for applications is 19th July at 23.59 (BST)
We aim to reply to all applications by 10th August.


Musicians from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, whether they have formal musical training or not. Although we don't aim to be restrictive when it comes to genre, we're mainly interested in music with direct or implicit connections to cultural traditions and heritage, as well as environmentally-engaged artists working with soundscape field recordings or sound art. Making Tracks is particularly interested in collaboratively-minded music professionals who double up as community organisers, environmentalists, ethnomusicologists, writers, storytellers and more.

Due to uncertainties around COVID-19, we are only open to applicants based in the UK and other European countries. We are sorry if this decision effects you. Eight exceptional young musicians will be selected to take part. Europe-bases artists outside the UK will be prioritised who would be suited and open to taking part virtually if travel restrictions require.

Our focus is on young professionals. This typically means that applicants should be between 19 and 35 years old, although we do make exceptions.

What else you should know about Making Tracks:

- Collaboration is key.
Making Tracks aims to strike a balance between showcasing solo talent as well as giving musicians the opportunity to collaborate on new projects and explore new musical styles and traditions. For our collaborative component, musicians work together across cultural divides in pursuit of new musical possibilities.

- Making Tracks is environmentally-focused.

We are looking for musicians who share our passion for the natural world and genuinely care about reducing their environmental impact. You should be open to exploring opportunities for music-based environmental engagement, whether practically (e.g. by exploring environmentally-friendly touring models), artistically (e.g. by making music that’s clearly inspired by the natural world or that raises awareness of environmental issues such as climate change or biodiversity loss), or both.

- Making Tracks is not a typical ‘paid gig’.
Making Tracks is a music exchange programme, which pays all expenses on top of a generous stipend. While our format is not comparable to a typical paid gig, we give Fellows a chance to create new collaborative works, perform at leading venues, establish lifelong musical friendships and receive professional development from our team of industry experts.

Application Materials:

Applicants will be asked to write about their musical background and interests, as well as provide some other basic information. Finally, applicants will be asked to submit 3-5 samples of their solo and collaborative work (both audio and video are accepted).

Our Review Criteria:

  1. Musical Excellence – A high level of performance, composition, improvisational, production and/or technological skill.

  2. Collaboration – A willingness to reach across cultural and musical divides in creating original music or re-interpreting traditional music, while respecting the essence of each tradition.

  3. Environmental Engagement – Musicians who share our passion for nature and care about reducing their environmental impact or spreading awareness of environmental issues such as climate change or biodiversity loss.

  4. Age – Applicants should be between 19 - 35 years old.

  5. English Proficiency – Applicants should be able to converse in and understand basic English, as it will be the common language of the Making Tracks programme.

  6. Internet Proficiency – Making Tracks Digital Fellows should actively use email, have a social media presence and / or an artist website, and be able to connect to the internet.