Making Tracks

Making Tracks 2020

Digital Edition

This year we've had to drastically change the way we work due to the Covid-19 outbreak. We are grateful to Arts Council England, whose emergency support has made it possible for us to carry out a Digital Edition of Making Tracks 2020.

A Virtual Residency + Digital Tour

During an opening two-week Virtual Residency (29th June - 12th July), eight selected Fellows will get the chance to create new collaborative works, explore and develop strategies for environmental engagement, and receive professional development and career advice from a team of industry experts. During the residency we will use videoconferencing platforms and equip all Fellows with the basic materials they need to take part.

Following the residency, we will carry out an extended ‘Digital Tour’ taking place over eight weeks. During the tour, our new network of Digital Partners (comprising current and former partner venues, international organisations, former artists and others) will use social media to share our digital content, including live-streamed performances and new collaborative works incubated during the residency. The tour will happen 'in reverse'; instead of travelling to local audiences around the UK, we'll invite the public into the homes of our Making Tracks Fellows around the world.


Musicians from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, whether or not they have formal musical training. Although we don't aim to be restrictive when it comes to genre, we're mainly interested in music with direct or implicit connections to cultural traditions and heritage. Making Tracks is particularly interested in adventurous and collaboratively-minded musicians who double-up as environmentalists, ethnomusicologists, writers, visual artists and more.


Collaboration is key

Making Tracks aims to strike a balance between showcasing solo talent and specific musical cultures on the one hand, while providing musicians with the opportunity to collaborate across different musical styles and traditions on the other. For our collaborative component, musicians will work together in pursuit of new musical possibilities that respect the essence of each individual element.

Making Tracks is environmentally-focused

We are looking for musicians who share our passion for nature and care about reducing their environmental impact. You should be open to exploring opportunities for music-based environmental engagement, whether practically (e.g. exploring environmentally-friendly touring models), artistically (e.g. making music that’s clearly inspired by the natural world or that raises awareness of environmental issues such as climate change or biodiversity loss) or both.

Making Tracks is not a typical ‘paid gig’

Making Tracks is a free programme that gives selected musicians the chance to create new collaborative works, develop professional connections, establish lifelong musical friendships and receive professional development from leading industry experts. For our Digital Edition, all Fellows will also receive a modest stipend. Finally, by ensuring that participants have the knowledge and equipment (e.g. appropriate microphones) they need for live-streaming, we will contribute to building digital resilience further down the line.


Applicants will be asked to write about their musical background and interests. They will also be asked to provide information regarding their access to technologies and equipment for streaming. Finally, applicants will be asked to submit 3-5 samples of their solo and collaborative work (both audio and video are accepted).

Selection criteria

  • Musical Excellence – a high level of performance, composition, improvisational, production and/or technological skill.

  • Collaboration – applicants should show a willingness to reach across cultural and musical divides to create original music or re-interpret existing works.

  • Environmental Engagement – we are looking for musicians who share our passion for nature and care about reducing their environmental impact or spreading awareness of environmental issues such as climate change or biodiversity loss.

  • Age – applicants should generally be between 19 - 35 years old.

  • English Proficiency – applicants should be able to converse in and understand basic English, as it will be the common language of the Making Tracks programme.

  • Basic Internet Proficiency – applicants should actively use email, have a social media presence and / or an artist website, and be able to connect to the internet.